Monday, May 7, 2012

Old days when I was in a relationship..

Before he came, I was lost. I needed someone to find me, someone to rescue me, someone to stand by my side. And then, HE came along.He wasn’t like anybody else I knew, he treated me differently, he made me feel sho special that I thought nobody else was around me that time, he knew whenever I was sad; and he knew how to put a smile on my face. He knew whenever I was happy; and he would just laughed with me all day, all night. He knew me better than I knew me. He made me fall for him, by just being him. I go to sleep at night hoping and wishing that nothing and no one would ever break us apart someday. Although I know that nobody would dare to try… because such love that cannot be explained by words will find nothing that could make it fade away, nothing that could ever make it end, and absolutely nothing that can stand in its way. After all.. I wish I could fine one like him. I never wanted other man to be like him. 

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