Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You know what hurts the most?

Reminiscing how we were from the beginning, how it all changed and how we got to this point. Isn’t it funny how we were two people that were so sprung for each other, we were full of many smiles, laughs and butterflies. Then all of a sudden everything changed, because of those words and the worst part is when you can't handle me when Im having my pms and we reached this point where we can’t even last a day without fighting and arguing, we can’t even have a decent phone call without one of us hanging up. So one question, when did our smiles, laughs and butterflies turn into fights, arguments and hatred for one another? Im sorry for being an idiot. Im sorry for lacking the confidence. Im sorry for having regrets. Im sorry, sometimes for being selfish. I cant tell you how much you means to me. If i were in your shoes too , i would have felt the same way. But this is too much. Did you remember when the first time you want me? Did you remember the times when you have your words , convincing me that how means our life would be like when we were meant together? All gone, because of my stupid fucking pms. 

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